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Swimming Pool Service and Repairs


Swimming Pool Services

We offer two package choices for helping you maintain your swimming pool and keeping it healthy. 

Chemical Only Service $25 

We take care of all Chemicals for the pool and spa. You keep it clean as is needed and at your pace. 

  • Balancing of Chemicals
  • Clean Salt Cells
  • Empty Skimmer and Pump Baskets
  • Equipment Inspection with each visit to ensure proper running and maintenance. 

Weekly Pool Service $35

Complete Pool Care

  • Brush Walls and Steps
  • Clear Debris From Water
  • Vacuum Floor As Needed
  • Backwash Filters When Needed
  • Balance Chemicals
  • Equipment Inspections with each visit to ensure proper care and maintenance for the health of your wallet and pool. We won't drain the bank! 
  • All baskets, floaters, pump lid o-rings, filter o-rings, WE REPLACE FOR FREE!! To help save you money and less worry! 

 Call Dan to discuss the best plan of action to take care of your pool with Phoenix Pool Pros. 480-208-1474

Swimming Pool Repairs

We offer a number of Swimming Pool Repair Services in Arizona. While others competitors may increase the prices, and charge more for repairs. You can trust that Phoenix Pool Pros has your hard earned dollars in mind. We won't overcharge or mischarge you for parts and labor. Nor, will we replace parts as "New" with used parts. 

Service Call Fee $80

What does that get me? 

An experience tech to diagnose the problem accurately and give you a complete cost to fix and repair the issue. You can then decide if you want to use Phoenix Pool Pros to complete the job, at which the service call fee will be applied to the total bill. 

  • All Pool Repairs

Any Pool Repair, we've got you covered! Our experienced tech with over 20 years experience will properly diagnose the problem. We have the BEST tech in the business and stand behind his work. 

  • Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning is used to remove calcium build-up from around the pool tiles, rock waterfalls, fountains, spillways, and spa tiles. Unlike most competitors we never charge to seal your tile after the job is completed. We seal the job at our cost! 

  • Acid Washes/Chlorine Rinses

Acid Washes and Chlorine Rinses are used to remove unwanted staining on the pool walls, and floor.  The pool and or spa must be completely drained. 

  • Monsoon Clean-Ups

Arizona has some nasty monsoon weather that can destroy your pool. We can help get it looking beautiful again. 

  • Green to Clear 

If your pool went green, don't panic! We can help you get it back to blue in no time. Most times without even needing to drain the pool. 

  • Pool Equipment Installs and Replace

We expect and check all equipment to ensure its working properly to maintain the pool and or spa. With much use and over time some of these items will need to be replaced or repaired. 

More About The Owner

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Not only is he talented in the Pool and Spa business, Dan is a car enthusiast. In his off time he works at a machine shop working on race motors. 

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Dan does everything for his family, and has a huge heart. His daughters Megan, Kaitlyn, and wife Jenny are his biggest supporters.