It's Time to Start Enjoying Your Pool Again! We can help.

Phoenix Pool Pros is a Family-owned pool company with more than 20 years of experience in the Pool and Spa Industry. We specialize in quality pool service and expert pool repairs.  

  Want to clean and renew your pool? Phoenix Pool Pros offers a full line of services to clean, disinfect, and renew your swimming pool with us. 

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Tile Cleaning (Seansonal)

Need to remove that ugly calcium line on your pool tiles? We can do that! Phoenix Pool Pros uses a variety of different media to remove hard, stuck-on calcium.

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Pool Service

Phoenix Pool Pros provides complete pool care, which includes properly balancing chemicals, brushing the walls and stairs, equipment inspections, and cleaning services.

Why Phoenix Pool Pros?

Whether you are looking for weekly pool service, need a repair, or are looking to upgrade equipment, Phoenix Pool Pros will strive to be the best and use only the best quality/name brand products designed to give you the best buy for your money all while remaining dependable for years to come. 

What You Get.

Exceptional pool care and maintenance at an affordable rate. Phoenix Pool Pros will make sure your pool chemicals are balanced, perform netting and brushing of walls and stairs. We empty all baskets and ensure your pool equipment is running with optimum performance. 

We Work.

  • Water Testing
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Equipment Checks
  • Filter Backwashing and Cleaning.
  • Pool Vacuuming and Brushing. 

You Play.

  • Barbeques.
  • Pool Parties.
  • Get Fit.
  • Catch a tan.
  • Relax.